31 mars 2010

Easter holidays - Luxembourg

Next stage in our Easter trip. After having some rest in France, we headed to Luxembourg for just one afternoon, to visit the famous modern art museum MUDAM, located in a brand new area of the city. The current exhibition was "Brave new world". Two snapshots of modern trees : Interesting and extensive visit, and just enough to keep thinking :-) Even getting out to breath fresh air happened to be part of the exhibition ... awesome museum !
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27 mars 2010

Easter holidays - Brussels

First European capital of our Easter trip. Good thing in participating in conferences is that, consequently, travelling only cost half price :-) Well well well, after some conference days in Liège, Hergé brand new museum welcomed us in Louvain La Neuve, and it took us a full afternoon to discover it. Back to Brussels, as about 4 years ago, the city probably looked the same, but coming from Norway, we were even more hungry for pedestrian street, waffles, and beers ... not to mention French fries. Lovely architecture: ... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2010

Extreme skiing ...

I didn't actually know that was possible ... but yes, cross-country skiing can be extrem. OK, less extrem than ski jumping (there was a competition this day): Where is Charlie? But still! The weather was perfect to get tanned, but not exactly easy for beginners in cross-country (like me). Bad waxing means very slow and exhausting activity ... but also plenty of time to enjoy the scenery :-) Still, everyhting was almost OK ... until the "sonday slope" led me to wild terrain, where my skis &... [Lire la suite]
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16 mars 2010

Igloo girls

Real Norwegian children ... in front of our house! ... build real igloos. This one was the master work of 3 girls from the neighborough, all under 10 (!)
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15 mars 2010

Snow (Hey ho)

After our best skiing week-end in Norway so far, going back home could have been difficult for our dreaming minds ... Nothing is easy in life ... ... but actually maybe our garden and its fresh metre of snow made it a bit less difficult :-) And well ... about our street ... it would have been perfect to ski, instead of going to work. Life can always be better :-)
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14 mars 2010

Enjoy the ride (2)

Same ski area, same people, more snow, and more sun :-) That was a big day, thus big skis: Norwegian are fond of extra-large skis ... Time to start working : ... believe in skis: ... and be ready for hold-ups ;-) Scenery was quite OK as well ... On the afternoon, same people, same ski area, more fresh snow, but not more sun ... and snowboard showed off: Perfect week-end then, and as there is no such "free" things, the cost to pay was those tricky roads to drive back home. ... [Lire la suite]
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13 mars 2010

Enjoy the ride (1)

We were on a tight schedule this saturday: a new ski area to discover, and some fresh snow to sign ... well, let's say about 40 cm :-) If you add snowboard tricks to learn in the morning, and deep powder skiing to follow in the afternoon ... that explains that we only had time to take one picture, at the end of the day. But believe us, that was an awesome day ;-)
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07 mars 2010

Røros søndag !

Alarm clock for an early sunday morning, and for once we were on time. And we even saved some extra minutes to remember those nice hytta for next time: And then real activities started :-) Once our 5 dogs (each) were harnessed (from the 60 that were hoping to be part of the trip), it was time to follow the dogs ... whatever happens! Flat portions were easy and fast, uphill was sometimes exhausting in case of running to help the dogs ... ... and dowhill was just crazy, flying over bumps, and... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2010

Røros lørdag ...

Everything was coherent: -31° at 7h (when we were sleeping in our nice hytta), and -23° when we got up at 9h30 ... Welcome to Røros :-) We actually arrived in the previous night, so it was time to enjoy Røros with its winter atmosphere: Lots of sledges everywhere, I guess that was the fastest way to go shopping in this city :-) However, our point was not shopping, but snowboarding. And the ski area right in the middle of the city happened to be perfect! Very few people, but us ... Nice sights ... Again... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2010

Norwegian chocolate (2)

The Easter chocolate, made on purpose for ski trips.
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