29 juin 2010

La dolce vita ... (#4]

Time to leave: ... but still by travelling on a perfectly and dusty old Italian train, finding the right bus stop (and the right bus to catch), to finally reach the airport. Ciao ciao Italia !
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28 juin 2010

La dolce vita ... (#3)

One day at sea, one day in the mountains, that is real life ! And the mountain trip was then directed to Mont Mottarone. First stage, reaching the cable car. The easy way would have been to use a taxi boat, but we finally ended up walking in the countryside and getting lost, but always with seaview ... Once close to Stresa, back to the harbour: And straight away, after the first cable car, some hundreds meters above: But actually this was only half the way up ... One hour later: Ready to go down ! ... or... [Lire la suite]
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27 juin 2010

La dolce vita ... (#2)

Well ... program for the day : Lago Maggiore, and its nice islands. First, and smallest one: Isola Madre ... We were not exactly interested by the botanical garden, though the only path outside was worth it ... Touristic stuff ... Non-touristic place ... Natural place ... (?) Next stop on the lake: Pallanza. Siesta time ... Or pizza time ? Digestion along the marina ... And we are exactly on time to catch the boat for Isola Superiore Dei Pescatori ... But where are... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2010

La dolce vita ... (#1)

Friday, time to start holidays, and to escape Milano for other landscapes. The goal we are heading to is a quiet and sunny balcony, in Baveno, 200m from the Lago Maggiore, though with mountain view ... (and spumante!): Disgressions on the so cute church ...        ... and finally by night: For the rest, Baveno looks like a perfect Italian village, with extraodinary ice creams, pizze, and so warm nights :-)
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19 juin 2010

Milano, Riva del Garda, Milano ... Italia ! [#1)

Just a short stay in Milano, by night, to pick up a glance at the Duomo ... ... and of course to enjoy once more excellent Italian food: Sunday morning, train + bus to Riva Del Garda, and even if the sky is still a bit rainy, and even if the windows of the bus are not perfectly clean ... wooowwww: Moreover, rainy day mean empty streets, and above all no tourists ... Well, it could look like holidays ... but it is not ... at least not exactly :-) Believe it or not, people were working hard... [Lire la suite]
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13 juin 2010

Trondheim peninsula

This week-end was booked for our French visitors, already a long time ago. Plan was to enjoy summer, endless days, and why not some kind of road trip to "feel" Norway ... Well, it was still spring in Trondheim: Still, even without sun, Norwegian landscapes were typical enough for our guests (or even more dramatic?) ... particularly around Trondheim peninsula: Same for the coastal hytter ... ... and the authentic countryside :-)
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06 juin 2010

Oslo week-end, dag #2

Unsurprisingly, Oslo was much quieter on sunday morning ... Well, except for the lions of course ... Some kind of "mediterranean" atmosphere, in accordance with the sunny weather: And we started the real visit by the fortress, almost in the middle of the city: and actually so close that you can catch a glimpse of the harbour, sometimes ... To really enjoy the view, some (soft) rock-climbing, and here we are: Aker Brygge is just in front! On the other side ... a HUGE cruise boat: ... [Lire la suite]
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05 juin 2010

Oslo week-end, dag#1

Finally, some opportunities arose, and after 2 years living in Norway, we managed to pay a visit to the capital (also known as the most expensive city in the world). 7h to enjoy Norwegian landscapes through our large window in the train: But this we know, at least a bit ;-) More interesting were the lively and sunny(!) places, nice to visit on a saturday evening: Of course we would have loved to rent those appartments, but for some reasons, it was not exactly our budget ... ... And we then agreed on walking... [Lire la suite]
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