26 septembre 2010

Snøhetta ! back again ...

Last week end to hike Snøhetta while enjoying the summer road, which saves at least a 20 km walk ... On the last asphalt meters, literally breathing the sunny lascape ... Our goal for today: Snøhetta, on the right handside (yes, the one with some real snow): Surrounding area ... wide! Poles, our best friends for some hours: After two hours following the frozen river, the real climbing could start! Looking up: ... and down: Not too bad :-) Unfortunately, we had to stop about one... [Lire la suite]
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19 septembre 2010

Kamtkjønnkoia - day 2

We were such in a hurry to find a dry place and to eat our 3 star restaurant menu, that we had to wait until the following day to really enjoy the cabin surroundings: 1200 m above sea level, and a glacier lake just in front of our windows: A glimpse of the cabin, but if you want to know more, go hiking there, it is worth it ! And you might even be able to fill up the guest book :-) Starting the trip back: Simply enjoying being there ... The lock door towards the "lower" world: ... [Lire la suite]
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18 septembre 2010

Kamtkjønnkoia - girls trip !

Time to walk in the mountains ... 5 girls for the highest cabin owned by NTNU, and yes, that's incredible, but noone got lost. Well, it was maybe not obvious from the starting point: But we managed ... to get out of the forest and enjoy the nice view on lake Gjevilvatn under a messy sky. Wheather was not perfect, but actually not so bad in comparison with the forecast. As usally, hiking in Norway involves tricky rivers to cross ;-) ... and possibly some rainy sessions, walking in swamps with wet feet, by... [Lire la suite]
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13 septembre 2010

Lillehammer & sport

Yes, again another conference trip in a nice location :-) And that was the perfect opportunity to visit the olympic city as a VIP :-) Being kind of "into sports", the jumping area + the excellent Norwegian Olympic Museum were incredibly interesting. And not to forget work wood, Håkons Hall, THE arena center in Lillehammer was an of course the place to visit (including the VIP area, oh yeah ...) The usual open air museum, Maihaugen, was of course worth the visit: ... and even presented... [Lire la suite]
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11 septembre 2010

Norwegian via ferrata

Munkstigen, famous for being the longuest via ferrata in Scandinavia, just across the fjord. We have to give it another try ... !
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07 septembre 2010

Trondheim's fjord [once more]

Enjoying the sun&summer&fjord&mountain, up in Bymarka. How lucky we are :-)
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05 septembre 2010

Fjord road trip (#2)

From our cabin back home, still a whole journey through typical Norway. Keywords: water & colors :-) Yellow wheat on the beach, or green grass? Unless you prefer stones beach and turquoise water ? The (so cute) red lighthouse, lost in the sea: Leaving for good Brekstad area. It is neither the sea, nor the fjord, but some anonylous deep blue lakes in the mountain ... Speaking of the shiny fjord ... here we are! To provide a complete picture to tour guests, we of course "had to"... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2010

Fjord road trip (#1)

Time to escape for the week-end ! And the target is the western part of Trondheim fjord: Typical lanscapes for our guests on our way to Agdenes ... And of course Vallset ferry ... oh yeah ... Once on the other side, here we are: Mountain, wide area, ... and a new Norwegian pyramid? And of course a pretty harbour: As usually, BBQ and sunset finished the day:
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02 septembre 2010

Elg !

Close enough to pose for our camera ... Babies (or rather teenagers) looked so niiiice ... But with the mum watching out, we tried to stay quiet, and not too close ;-)
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