31 décembre 2010

New Year's Eve !

To make a short story of a long story ... here are some snapshots from our New Year's Eve :-) Lots of food to start with: ... and Champagne "on the rocks" to follow ... ... while admiring the superb fireworks from our garden, in perfectly-shaped snow sofa :-) Happy New Year 2011 !
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19 décembre 2010

Ski vs handball ...

Huge pressure to withstand until 17h ... And in that case, nothing can beat some typical outdoor activities: -11° to jump on a nice start: And from about 13h, a long, soft and cold sunset to admire: An incredible light is surrounding us: Lost in the middle of Norway ... ? No ... !!! After 3 hours skiing, it was time and cold enough (-17°) to get back home, and to prepare for the fight. Norway vs Sweden, once more, in the EHF, for the final. The first half was a bit stressful, but probably just... [Lire la suite]
13 décembre 2010

Back to normal life ...

... after an exciting handball week-end. Waiting for the bus in Lillehammer at 01h30 in the morning, arrival 7 hours later at the office, with some 40 cm fresh snow to welcome us :-) And we were right on time for the sunrise, at about 09h45 :-) Let's switch to skiing now ...
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12 décembre 2010

Heia Norge! (#2)

And the second part of the day was spent in ... the Håkons Hall! Not so many Norwegian people, at least at the beginning: First game: France-Nederlands (23-21) ! Defense: Attack !!! Hungary - Ukraine (26-25): ... hum ... attack ... ? Support! Pray ... And last but not least, Norway-Sweden !!! Many supporters, and among them: His Majesty King Harald ! (about 10 rows above us) Start of the game: Doubt: Hopes: Doubt: And the... [Lire la suite]
12 décembre 2010

Lillehammer, ut!

... in the mountains! First game that day was at 16h15, so we had plenty of time to go out for a gentle walk. Still dreaming about the perfect wooden house :-) : Not bad ... However, Håkons Hall was probably a bit too big ...    We finally arrive to "our" field, as it was easy to follow our ski tracks from the previous day ;-) And of course, tremplins were as impressive as the first time: Reaching the Olympic flamme, for real! And after some climbing ... (about a 1000 steps): ... [Lire la suite]
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11 décembre 2010

Lillehammer, break day ...

No games today, and a perfect wheather to visit Lillehammer ... its steep streets: ... its beautiful and huge (wooden) houses: ... and its Julemarked, glogg&peperkakker :-) City center: Hum ... And after so many reminders of the great cross-country race, which starts from Lillehammer, and ends close to Oslo: Well ... ... of course we went skiing! The skiing loop was however not perfectly prepared, so we ended up crossing wild fields: ... to finally reach the Olympic... [Lire la suite]
10 décembre 2010

Heia Norge! (#1)

We left Trondheim this morning, to enjoy first a 6 hours drive through Norwegian snow and mountains. Superb! Final arrival to Lillehammer at 16h55, we needed 30 min to climb to our accomodation, 15 min to catch some breath afterwards, and then it was time to enter the arena ... Not exactly the same entrance though ;-) We prefered to use the photographers' one: Well well well ... the first game was France-Slovenia, and, unfortunately, that was not so exciting. France had what it takes, but played with no glory :-( Final... [Lire la suite]
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08 décembre 2010

Women European Handball Championship !

From Friday, we will be in Lillehammer, to support France (maybe) and Norway (for sure)! More info to come ... in the meantime, wear red :-)
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