Plenty of new skis to try out, some fresh snow in the mountains and a good and sunny weather forecast ... And we decided to spend the week-end in Oppdal :-) As usually, perfect road trip to reach any destination in Norway:


Incredible but true, we managed to arrive earlier than the official opening. Probably in order to decide what to do exactly ;-)


Well, summit or powder ?


A perfect mix ?


End of day ...


A perfect day then :-) Same as the second one, though slightly warmer. To make it a short story, after a very cold evening (even with 2 heaters on a 10 sq m cabin), we woke up a bit late; but still in time to enjoy the -32,7 ° outside ... Of course it took about 1 hour to get the car running, with jump cables and even later some additives to defreeze the gaz tank.

Actually, that was part of our plan to get ready for polar expedition :-)