20 février 2011

Randonnee ski #3

Last day of this long and nice week-end, and the training is over. Time to act as experts, alone ... (or not). Phase 1: itinerary preparation: Phase 2, find a parking place, and empty the car ;-) Phase 3, start to climb. Phase 4, remove some layers. Phase 5, climb. Phase 6, climb. Phase 8, climb. Phase 9, climb. Phase 10, start dreaming about the way down :-) But phase 11, follow on climbing! Phase 12: dowwwnnnnn ! ... and try, if possible, to avoid trees and possible cabins on your way. Another nice... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2011

Randonnee ski #2

Our objective for the second day! -21°c to start on the shadow ... gives a huge motivation to climb fast until the sun :-) Cross-country tracks ... ? Too easy ;-) Let's just climb the mountain! Short break to learn the compression test ... with a 1,60 m snow depth ... not too bad conditions, as you can check: Back to the hard work ... Same ... Again and again ... life is hard ;-) Lunch break with view. And some (old) avalanche debris to digest :-) Security distance to climb in exposed areas, stop at a... [Lire la suite]
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18 février 2011

Randonnee ski #1

It started that way exactly: And after a short briefing, hehe, it was time to warm up a bit: ... and to guess enjoy the landscape ... ? This very special 18th of February took actually place in Oppdal, and was apparently the perfect day to try out our new second-hand randonnee skis ... understand common touring skis, with skins, steel edges and wide tail ... that should enable us to appreciate the way down much better compared to the typical Norwegian "fjellski". Of course this was only an introduction, since... [Lire la suite]
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12 février 2011

Oppdal, så kald!

Plenty of new skis to try out, some fresh snow in the mountains and a good and sunny weather forecast ... And we decided to spend the week-end in Oppdal :-) As usually, perfect road trip to reach any destination in Norway: Incredible but true, we managed to arrive earlier than the official opening. Probably in order to decide what to do exactly ;-) Well, summit or powder ? A perfect mix ? End of day ... A perfect day then :-) Same as the second one, though slightly warmer. To make it a short story, after a... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2010

Enjoy the ride (2)

Same ski area, same people, more snow, and more sun :-) That was a big day, thus big skis: Norwegian are fond of extra-large skis ... Time to start working : ... believe in skis: ... and be ready for hold-ups ;-) Scenery was quite OK as well ... On the afternoon, same people, same ski area, more fresh snow, but not more sun ... and snowboard showed off: Perfect week-end then, and as there is no such "free" things, the cost to pay was those tricky roads to drive back home. ... [Lire la suite]
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13 mars 2010

Enjoy the ride (1)

We were on a tight schedule this saturday: a new ski area to discover, and some fresh snow to sign ... well, let's say about 40 cm :-) If you add snowboard tricks to learn in the morning, and deep powder skiing to follow in the afternoon ... that explains that we only had time to take one picture, at the end of the day. But believe us, that was an awesome day ;-)
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