10 mai 2010

Spring snø (#2)

Bids are still open, it was snowing this morning ... No pictures, because, surprisingly, it is less and less funny ... Enjoy Røros instead (10th of May): copyright adressa.no The whole Trøndelag is experiencing an incredibly long winter, and Røros (2h south from Trondheim) woke up this morning with 16cm powder snow today.
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07 mars 2010

Røros søndag !

Alarm clock for an early sunday morning, and for once we were on time. And we even saved some extra minutes to remember those nice hytta for next time: And then real activities started :-) Once our 5 dogs (each) were harnessed (from the 60 that were hoping to be part of the trip), it was time to follow the dogs ... whatever happens! Flat portions were easy and fast, uphill was sometimes exhausting in case of running to help the dogs ... ... and dowhill was just crazy, flying over bumps, and... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2010

Røros lørdag ...

Everything was coherent: -31° at 7h (when we were sleeping in our nice hytta), and -23° when we got up at 9h30 ... Welcome to Røros :-) We actually arrived in the previous night, so it was time to enjoy Røros with its winter atmosphere: Lots of sledges everywhere, I guess that was the fastest way to go shopping in this city :-) However, our point was not shopping, but snowboarding. And the ski area right in the middle of the city happened to be perfect! Very few people, but us ... Nice sights ... Again... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2010

Litt kald

For those who are wondering, yes, it's cold as well in Norway. copyright adressa.no This morning was about -23°c, our personal record so far ;-) Today was reported the coldest day in January in Trondheim for 50 years, but it is still pretty mild compared to Røros (3h driving south to Trondheim) and its -41°c today. average line = -20°c Good thing is that we still have time to enjoy fresh air :-)
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30 août 2009

Røros trip

Dimanche pluvieux prévu à Trondheim, il est donc temps d'aller enfin visiter Røros, à 2h30 de route de chez nous. Route plutôt jolie :-) ... mais un mauvais timing et une erreur de raccourci nous font rater la visite de la mine. Pas grave, on se rabat sur le musée, qui vaut vraiment le coup! Première partie sur l'historique "global" de la mine de cuivre, exploitée pendant 333 ans jusqu'en 1971, et seconde partie focalisée sur la mine et son exploitation, avec plein de maquettes plus vraies que nature: ... et... [Lire la suite]
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