23 novembre 2010

Oslo, wood & snow

Short working session in Oslo. The main point was to speak about wood: And the hotel was quite perfect, with respect to the topic :-) Yes, it was actually the official hotel in Oslo, for Lillehammer Olympics ... From the hotel, the view is not so bad (Oslo and its fjord): Pure morning: A wooden bridge, for skiers! Oslo is kinda cool capital :-), which will be hosting the World championships for cross-country ski this winter! Already a huge event for all Norwegian people ... To close the... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2010

Snø !!!!

First winter time ... during autumn: 5 cm in our garden + a superb sky = plenty of good reasons to wake up happy :-) And there is more to come ...!
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26 septembre 2010

Snøhetta ! back again ...

Last week end to hike Snøhetta while enjoying the summer road, which saves at least a 20 km walk ... On the last asphalt meters, literally breathing the sunny lascape ... Our goal for today: Snøhetta, on the right handside (yes, the one with some real snow): Surrounding area ... wide! Poles, our best friends for some hours: After two hours following the frozen river, the real climbing could start! Looking up: ... and down: Not too bad :-) Unfortunately, we had to stop about one... [Lire la suite]
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03 mai 2009

Snøhetta skitur ...

Un skitur, et un vrai, suggéré avec enthousiasme par mon supervisor pour étrainer nos beaux skis tout neufs. C'est donc comme ça que tout a commencé ... Flashback explicatif : après quelques contretemps, le programme du week-end a été planifié de la façon suivante: sieste au soleil sous 25° pour le 1er mai, jardinage le samedi et skitur le dimanche. Skitur = rando à skis, le sport roi des Norvégiens. Pour s'adapter à la coutume locale, nous avions donc acheté (enfin!) nos skis de rando norvégiens, comprenez skis type fond, avec... [Lire la suite]
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