12 décembre 2010

Lillehammer, ut!

... in the mountains! First game that day was at 16h15, so we had plenty of time to go out for a gentle walk. Still dreaming about the perfect wooden house :-) : Not bad ... However, Håkons Hall was probably a bit too big ...    We finally arrive to "our" field, as it was easy to follow our ski tracks from the previous day ;-) And of course, tremplins were as impressive as the first time: Reaching the Olympic flamme, for real! And after some climbing ... (about a 1000 steps): ... [Lire la suite]
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13 septembre 2010

Lillehammer & sport

Yes, again another conference trip in a nice location :-) And that was the perfect opportunity to visit the olympic city as a VIP :-) Being kind of "into sports", the jumping area + the excellent Norwegian Olympic Museum were incredibly interesting. And not to forget work wood, Håkons Hall, THE arena center in Lillehammer was an of course the place to visit (including the VIP area, oh yeah ...) The usual open air museum, Maihaugen, was of course worth the visit: ... and even presented... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2010

Extreme skiing ...

I didn't actually know that was possible ... but yes, cross-country skiing can be extrem. OK, less extrem than ski jumping (there was a competition this day): Where is Charlie? But still! The weather was perfect to get tanned, but not exactly easy for beginners in cross-country (like me). Bad waxing means very slow and exhausting activity ... but also plenty of time to enjoy the scenery :-) Still, everyhting was almost OK ... until the "sonday slope" led me to wild terrain, where my skis &... [Lire la suite]
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